Star of the Sea 25th Annual Cross Country Results & Press Release

Star of the Sea AC held their 25th Annual Cross Country Meeting on September 22nd 2013 in perfect conditions on the hills of East Meath last Sunday. This year while the number competing in the junior senior and masters races were down somewhat all the juvenile races saw improved fields of athletes so much so that last year’s record attendance of just over 800 was easily broken – this was helped also by the Indian summer weather that we experienced over the weekend. Once again the course on the land of Mary and Brendan Meade provided a great test of cross country running. The club would like to thank all the helpers and club members who beforehand set up the course and on the day work so hard to make the event the success that it is. Thanks is due to all at the tea tent who quenched our thirst on a beautiful day by making five hundred and eighty mugs of tea along with countless sandwiches, buns, scones. Thanks is also due to the scorekeepers, recorders and officials who help make the programme run so smoothly and lastly  the club would like to thank all the travelling athletes and their families who travel from as far apart as Monaghan and South Kildare who help make the event the spectacle it is.

This year represented the 25th running of the cross country meeting and to mark the occasion the club presented the original organising committee with a plaques to commemorate the occasion. The plaques were presented by President of Meath Athletics Seamus Brady (Dunboyne AC) to Winnifred Collier, Joe Monks, Niall Delany, Ann & Colm Hanley, Margaret & Jim Berrill, Marie & Richard Brennan, Lorcan Murphy and John Smith.



U9 Girls 500m             1st        Ruth Gillespie              Ardee & District AC

2nd        Roisin McManus          Tara AC

3rd        Molly O’Connor          Dunshaughlin AC

4th        Deirdre Quinn              Mount Pleasant AC

5th        Ciara O’Brien              Blackrock AC

6th        Laura Kelly                  Ratoath AC


Teams              1st        Ardee & District AC    26pts

2nd        Glenmore AC              35pts

3rd        Boyne AC                    75pts


U9 Boys 500m            1st        Eoin Lawlor                 Naas AC

2nd        Ardin Magee                Naas AC

3rd        Jack Donegan              Tullamore Harriers AC

4th        Aaron Breen                Star of the Sea AC

5th        Eoin Kane                    Ratoath AC

6th        Blake Kennedy                        Dunleer AC


Teams              1st        Naas AC                      10pts

2nd        Mullingar Harriers AC 30pts

3rd        Star of the Sea AC       37pts


U10 Girls 500m                       1st        Grace Fitzpatrick         Dunleer AC

2nd        Amy Doherty               Ratoath AC

3rd      Caer Ni Gibne                Boyne AC

4th        Hannah Breen              Crookstown Millview AC

5th        Olivia Hall                   3 Ways AC

6th        Ellen Coleman             Crookstown Millview AC


Teams              1st        Dunshaughlin AC        42pts

2nd        Blackrock AC              49pts

3rd        Ardee & District AC    56pts



U10 Boys 500m          1st        Charlie O’Connor        Dunshaughlin AC

2nd        John Finnerty               Tara AC

3rd        Peter Casey                  Eire Og

4th        Patrick Farrell              Dunleer AC

5th        Lorcan Dunne              Naas AC

6th        Fionn Drummond        Ratoath AC


Teams              1st        Tullamore Harriers       41pts

2nd        Star of the Sea AC       42pts



U11 Girls 1000m         1st        Neasa Reilly                Blackrock AC

2nd        Katie Halpin                Lusk AC

3rd        Beatrice Drummond    Mullingar Harriers AC

4th        Aoife Rutherford         Ratoath AC

5th        Anna McArdle             Glenmore AC

6th        Doireann Ni Flatharta  Dunboyne AC


Teams              1st        Blackrock AC              30pts

2nd        Tullamore Harriers AC 31pts

3rd        Mullingar Harriers AC 34pts

U11 Boys 1000m        1st        Conor Leane                Dunboyne AC

2nd        Colin Smyth                 Mullingar Harriers AC

3rd        Mark Shaw                  Mullingar Harriers AC

4th        Morgan Quigley           Mount Pleaasant AC

5th        Leon Sweeney             Naas AC

6th        Conaill Quinn              Mount Pleasant AC


Teams              1st        Mullingar Harriers AC 21pts

2nd        Tullamore Harriers AC 42pts

3rd        Tullamore Harriers AC 73pts



U12 Girls 1500m         1st        Abbie Sheridan            Ardee & District AC

2nd        Eabha Stewart              Naas AC

3rd        Niamh O’Reilly                       Tullamore Harriers AC

4th        Sally Murphy               Naas AC

5th        Emma Glynn               Shercoock AC

6th        Shelly Smith                Mullinagar Harriers AC


Teams              1st        Naas AC                      14pts

2nd          Mullingar Harriers AC 24pts

3rd        Tullamore Harriers AC 47pts



U12 Boys 1500m        1st        Ciaran Luby                 Mullingar Harriers AC

2nd        Eoin Quinn                  Mullingar Harriers AC

3rd        Jake Cullen                  Tara AC

4th        Andrew Shaw              Mullingar Harriers AC

5th        Shane Smith                 Cushinstown AC

6th        Niall Morland              Cushinstown AC


Teams              1st        Mullingar Harriers AC 7pts

2nd        Tullamore Harriers AC 40pts

3rd        Glenmore AC              43pts



U13 Girls 1500m         1st        Susan Glennon            Mullingar Harriers AC

2nd        Danielle Donegan        Tullamore Harriers AC

3rd        Lauren Carey               Naas AC

4th        Molly Aspel                 Crookstown Millview AC

5th        Elysia Green                Mullingar Harriers AC

6th        Kelly Breen                 Blackrock AC


Teams              1st        Mullingar Harriers AC 17pts

2nd        Tullamore Harriers       25pts

3rd        Naas AC                      28pts


U13 Boys 1800m        1st        Brian Todd                  Tullamore Harriers AC

2nd        Cathal Brennan            3 Ways AC

3rd        John Whitelaw             Mullingar Harriers AC

4th        Jack Cleary                  Naas AC

5th        Cian Casey                  Star of the Sea AC

6th        Finn Reilly                   Dunleer AC


Teams              1st        Mullingar Harriers AC 19pts

2nd        Tullamore Harriers AC 28pts

3rd        Naas AC                      29pts



U14 Girls 2000m         1st        Amy Clarke                 Na Fianna AC

2nd        Sarah Clarke                Na Fianna AC

3rd        Shauna Campbell         Dunleer AC

4th        Nicola Duffy               Dunboyne AC

5th        Clare Rafter                 Tullamore Harriers AC

6th        Andrea Brady              Mullingar Harriers AC


Teams              1st        Mullingar Harriers AC 25pts

2nd        Glenmore AC              51pts


U14 Boys 2200m        1st        Ruarcan O’Gibne         Boyne AC

2nd        Conor McHugh                        Mullingar Harriers AC

3rd        Jack Moran                  Mullingar Harriers AC

4th        Mark Milner                 Tullamore Harriers AC

5th        Kacper Kapturkiewiez Tullamore Harriers AC

6th        Adam Shaw                 Mullingar Harriers AC

Teams              1st        Tullamore Harriers AC 18pts

2nd        Mullingar Harriers AC 25pts

3rd        Mullingar Harriers AC 29pts


U15 Girls 2200m         1st        Alanna Bate                 Mullingar Harriers AC

2nd        Grace Casey                Eire Og AC

3rd        Shauna Kerley             Carrick Aces AC

4th        Martha Reidy               Fr. Murphy AC

5th        Hannah Stewart                       Glenmore AC

6th        Chloe Harte                 Tullamore Harriers AC


Teams              1st        Mullingar Harriers AC 16pts

2nd        Naas AC                      33pts


U15 Boys 2500m        1st        Daragh Drury               Shercock AC

2nd        Jarlath  Jordan              Tara AC

3rd        Michael O’Dea            Naas AC

4th        Tadgh Leahy                Glenmore AC

5th        Evan McGee                Naas AC

6th        Fionn Reilly                 Glenmore AC


Teams              1st        Glenmore AC              19pts


U17 Girls 3000m         1st        Eimear Fitzpatrick        Dundrum South Dublin AC

2nd        Ruth Murphy               Naas AC

3rd        Roisin Crowe               Crookstown Millview AC

4th        Anna Cleary                Naas AC

5th        Niamh Crowe              Crookstown Millview AC

6th        Aine O’Connor                        Naas AC


Teams              1st        Naas AC                      12pts



U17 Boys 4500m        1st        Jack O’Leary               Mullingar Harriers AC

(Winner receives the Sean        2nd        Shane Hughes              Mullingar Harriers AC

Higgins Memorial Cup)         3rd        Oisin Gibne                 Boyne AC

4th        Alex Hunter                 Ratoath AC

5th        Eoin Smyth                  Cushinstown AC

6th        Gary Campbell            Dunleer AC


Teams              1st        Mullingar Harriers        10pts

2nd        Ratoath            AC                   21pts

3rd        Boyne AC                    32pts


Star of the Sea AC Shield       1st        Mullingar Harriers AC 68pts

(Presented to the best               2nd        Naas AC                      42pts

juvenile club)                          3rd        Tullamore Harriers AC 27pts








Junior, Senior and Master Ladies 3k Race:

1st 6 Overall


Sarah Fitzpatrick Dundrum South Dublin


Denise Toner Clones AC


Bridget Clarke Na Fianna


Ciara Rooney Navan AC


Siobhan Keenahan Liffey Valley


Imelda Clarke Na Fianna


Catherine Collins Crosby Unattached as there was only one junior we gave an extra 2 senior prizes


Geraldine Gill Unattached as there was only one junior we gave an extra 2 senior prizes


Siobhan Delaney Naas
1st 3 F40


Ursula Byrne Dunshaughlin AC


Ann Hunter Dunshaughlin AC


Maggie Higgins Na Fianna
1st 3 F50


Nuala Reilly Drogheda & District


Ann Tobin Trim


Carrie Brogan Trim
1st 3 F60


Phyllis Browne Star Of The Sea
Combined Senior & Junior Teams


Liffey Valley



Naas Ac


Combined Masters Teams
1st Na Fiann AC 26pts






Junior Senior and master Men 6k Race:

1st 6 Overall Men


Andrew Coscoran Star Of The Sea


Conor Duffy Glaslough Harriers


Mick Traynor Raheny Shamrocks


Louhlin Campion Dunboyne


Aodhagan O’Reilly Annalee AC


Paul Balfe Liffey Valley
1st 3 Junior Men


Kevin Kelly St. Cocas


Shane Brady Clones AC


Kevin Bracken Tullamore Harriers
1st 3 M40


Ciaran O’Dwyer Dunshaughlin AC


Tommy Maher Dunshaughlin AC


Brian Kelly Raheny Shamrocks
1st 3 M50


Tom O Connor Liffey Valley


Patrick O Grady Drogheda & District


Brian Lynch North East Runners
1st 3M60


Giancarlo Orlandi Drogheda & District


Pat Comey Trim


Mick Priest Fr Murphy
Teams Combined Senior & Junior


Liffey Valley 64pts


No Team